Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Figure out what you love. Find a way to make money at it. But know this: It's very, very hard to make a living as a Professional Make Out Artist.

I won a gift card at work today for Caribou!!!! God might really love me after all!!!

Also, I now have a new (used) car. Which takes about ten HUGE balls of stress right out of my life. Merry Christmas to me.

However, along with the car came a few conditions that I made for myself. First, I need to make a five year plan for my finances. I'm not going to once again put myself in the position where I'm simply hoping my car doesn't die on me before I win the lottery. So plans need to be in place, and so they shall be. I'm not great at making five year plans. I'm not even that great at making weekend plans. So this five year plan thing will definitely be an adventure in the making.

Also, I'm getting a second job. Boo. But, I gotta. Free time and weekends off doesn't mean much if I can't even spend that time with friends because I'm so broke. I love my full-time job, but it's not going to make me rich (yet). Therefore, I need to find a second job that will help pay off some of my loans and other assorted debts so that I can actually start living like a normal person.

While thinking about this, I debated a little bit about whether or not I wanted to post about it on the blog. I was embarrassed to admit on here that I need to get a second job. Which, really, is so guys already know I'm poor. It's in the freaking title of the blog. But I think this is important to talk about. Almost everyone I know struggles with money. No one - except for a couple of friends and maybe my parents - seems to have enough. And yet the only person I really talk to about this stuff with is my BFF Katy. The biggest reason for that is because she's been there, too, and can understand and empathize. So, knowing that, I think this blog needs to be a place where I'm honest and unashamed to talk about this stuff on here. I'm not in debt because I'm a crackwhore and/or am trying to scam credit card companies. I'm in debt because I went to college, because I need to drive a car to work, and because I made some poor decisions early on in my adult life. I'm not poor because I'm spending the money on clothes or drugs or lottery tickets...I'm poor because it's important to me to pay my bills on time, and my paycheck only stretches so far. So there's no reason why I should feel sheepish or embarrassed to admit that I'm not rolling in the dough, and that maybe a part-time at Starbucks would make the bank account a little more flush.

Also, I think they give a discount on drinks to their employees, and that would also make my life a little more flush...with caffeine and happiness.

Daily Spending Report: $10 dollars in budget.
$0 dollars spent.
$10 dollars in the flush.


Ang said...

It's a 30% discount in addition to free drinks while you're on shift. (30 minutes before shift to 30 minutes after shift).

Pretty sweet, eh?

Also, I could totally help you learn the drink calling order. Because I care.

$teve said...

Good luck with the second job...and if you hear anything about the Make Out Artist position, let me know.

Amber said...

Ha ha...thanks, guys!

Erica said...

Just FYI, I think you're awesome. My friend and I were just talking about how much more we enjoy honest, real people. And this posting proves my point - your vulnerability is very endearing. Good for you for sharing your messes and challenges and not just the typical tidy and charming exterior.