Thursday, November 8, 2007


The holiday flavors at Starbucks are out!!! If anything is going to test my mettle when it comes to sticking to this budget, it's gonna be the seasonal holiday drinks at Starbucks and Caribou.

Everybody has their thing, okay?! For some people it's crack, for me, it's the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. I know it's kind of petty and dumb to lust after some corporate-made catering-to-the-holiday-culture coffee drink...but I'm a total sucker for stuff like that. Also, it's pretty much the only thing that gets me through the first half of winter. Last winter I almost stabbed and killed someone with a giant icicle, but then I realized that I could just go to Starbucks, get a Gingerbread Latte, and everything would be alright. And because of that Gingerbread Latte, that person lived.

And so did I, my friends. And so did I.


teucer said...

All the seasonal flavors at Starbucks taste like sick! Seriously, never have so many drinks with alluring names have tasted like the puke following at the end of a mouthwash/coffee bender.

You know what I'm talking about. You all know.

Amber said...

Bless you, Teucer. I know you're only saying that to try and make me feel better. No human being - and certainly no friend of mine - would ever really truly feel that way in real life.

Erica M said...

Several friends of mine Twittered for a week about the iced egg nog latte at Starbucks. So I finally went to Starbucks which I normally wouldn't do (I'm not anti-Starbucks, but it would be my last choice) and it wasn't even that good. I do still want to try the cranberry bliss bar, though, because that was the other thing they Twittered about all week log.